About The Solo Investor

The basic idea behind “The Solo Investor” is that investing is a single player game. No matter which expert investor we follow, no matter whose investing style we copy, it is our own money which is on the table. Every investor is different according to her/his personal needs, life situations and conditions. Now it’s not about the people who manage other people’s money. The focus here is about an individual investor whose life circumstances are unique to herself/himself. The decisions which are taken by such investor about her/his own investments lead to the consequences which are faced by that person and/or people surrounding him/ her. The investing ability and the risk taking ability is unique to every person. Hence, everyone is “The Solo Investor” in their own sense.

The Solo Investor can get in the investment positions where other experts can’t due to regulations or restrictions. The Solo Investor has universe of investment opportunities where other experts can’t enter due to the same reasons. Most Importantly, The Solo Investor has to herself/himself, a unique understanding of investments which can be used for his/her advantage.