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What a beginner should avoid while investing in markets?

Investing can be simple but definitely not easy. There is too much of noisy in today’s world. Loads and loads of information flows relating to companies and markets. More than thousands of people share their opinion on news channels, on internet, some people criticize a particular stock and also a particular investor. It creates a…More

5 points to remember for The Solo Investor

1. Know yourself Investing basically is less about the markets and more about you. Hence, invest accordingly to your own unique needs and your ability. Needs can be figured out by giving them a serious thought. What about ability? Am I competent enough to invest into mutual funds? Or can I invest directly into stocks?…More

Investing for oneself

Investing is a solo act In today’s world for an individual investor (or as I like to call us solo investors) many investment options are available. Additionally many investment management companies have created products on such options and raised investment alternative numbers to more than thousand. When I think about investing, I get overwhelmed on…More

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